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Work, Marriage and Parenthood Probably Dominate Your World Right Now...

Ever feel like there’s not enough time left for Brotherhood? Having a busy schedule and heavy workload doesn’t have to stop you from supporting your organization. Here are three ways to support and stay involved when your time is limited.

Plan a big group outing instead of meeting with members one by one.

Frankly, if your schedule is packed and overflowing, meeting with your fellow members is already hard enough to do. Instead of having individual conversations, find out if there are any group outings that you can join. It takes the pressure off of you to make plans and you can really maximize your quality time.

Plan ahead for Homecoming.

A great place for a group outing? Homecoming. It’s a central location, activities, and plans are created and led by the current Chapter, and this will likely be the biggest gathering of members throughout the year. It’s an amazing opportunity to reminisce against the backdrop of your time as an undergrad.

Plan your financial contributions in advance.

Financially contributing to your organization is an action that is mutually beneficial for everyone involved. They are sustained through your donations and with the value and experience you gained through membership, you can literally “pay it forward”.  Set up an automated gift with the frequency of your choice - whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or annually!

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Having a plan and being prepared is at the cornerstone of great work, great business, and a great life. Applying that principle to supporting your community giving, no matter how busy you are, will help save time, energy, and make your presence known even when you can’t be physically present for major Chapter events!