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A New Year equals a fresh start.

During this time, it’s easy to set our eyes on the goals and things we want to accomplish in our lives for the year ahead. How can you use that energy to benefit your organization? The key is to focus on quality instead of quantity in your actions. Read below to discover three New Year’s resolutions that will help you position Gamma Upsilon for success.

Be more present during your time with Gamma Upsilon.

We all lead busy lives with families, responsibilities, and causes that we commands our attention. When you finally get to spend quality time with your Brothers, remember to practice being “present”, or in the moment, to get the most out of it.

Be more mindful of reaching out and connecting outside of obligations.

Gamma Upsilon’s annual meeting, parties, and milestones don't have to be the only time you connect with your Brothers. You can create opportunities to connect with past or current members outside of those big events. Have a layover in a city where other members live? Go for coffee! Attending an industry conference that other members may be attending? Say hello! The options to connect are endless.

Be more intentional about your contributions.

A great organization is composed of caring members and what they bring to the table to benefit the collective. Everyone has a different method and approach to giving back, and the New Year is an excellent opportunity to discover new ways to give back to the community in a way that fits your lifestyle and schedule. That awareness will allow you to give from a space that celebrates your strengths and skills.

No matter which resolution you decide to pursue first, the biggest priority for 2019 should be making sure that Gamma Upsilon is prepared for a successful year ahead. That starts with being open to new ways and opportunities to connect with your Brothers.