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Take a Minute This Season and Call an old Friend

The final phase of the holiday season is officially upon us and things are busy, busy busy! It's easy to forget why we do all this rushing around and spending every year considering the stress we put ourselves through. There is really no better time in the year to finally make that call to your Gamma Upsilon Brother that you have been meaning to make and no better time to help the Chapter. You never know when that simple call or text to an old friend this time of year could make all the difference in the world.

If you would simply like to send a message to your friends and the Gamma Upsilon Chapter, please visit the alumni site and submit a short update for the holidays. We will post any submissions we get in a collection on the website. We asked for this before Thanksgiving but never heard from any of you so we would love it if some of you shared with us. As before, we would like to hear what you are thankful for, your hopes and aspirations for the new year and maybe a great holiday story that relates to your time at Miami University with the Gamma Upsilon Chapter. Click HERE to submit your stories. Pictures are always welcome too!