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Prominent Miami University Delt Alumni

We want to know what all of you have been up to since your days with Gamma Upsilon. Please visit our website and submit an update. Your submission could end up in a future Delt publication. In the meantime, we found this list of Delt Alumni that have gone on to do GREAT things. Did you know any of these brothers when they were a Delt?

Richard Farmer (1956) - Currently the Chairman of Cintas Corporation; Farmer School of Business at Miami University names in honor of him.

John Altman (1960) - Owned, founded, and/or was a partner in eight businesses, two of which were sold to multi-national companies; Served as senior manager of the mult-national corporations, Rohm & Haas and ICI; Altman was the first person to be inducted into the Miami University Academy of Entrepreneurs.

Lewis Deschler (1926) - Paliamentarian of the U.S. House of Representatives longer than any other man in Congressional history; 1971 winner of the John McCormick Award of Excellence for his contributions to American legislation.

Paul Ryan (1992) - Speaker of the House, 2012 Vice-Presidential Candidate

Bill Hemmer (1987) - Current daytime anchor on Fox Network News.

Chip Chinery (1986) - Stand-up comedian and actor who has done hundreds of commercials and TV appearances; also has appeared on the Last Comic Standing series.

Al Hodge (1934) - Television's Captain Video from 1949 to 1955 after being the radio voice of the Green Hornet on radio from 1936 to 1943.

Carmen Cozza (1952) - Former Yale head coach (1965-96) and winner of 179 games; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame.

Ray Mears (1949) - Head basketball coach at Tennessee and Wittenberg; winner of 399 games; former athletic director at Tennessee-Martin.

Jon Miller (1978) - NBC Sports senior vice president for sports programming.