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Adam Roeckl ’18 and Fellow Delts Serve the Hungry

“From the second I went into the Shelter during rush, I knew I wanted to be a Delt,” says Adam Roeckl ’18. “I was lucky enough that my best friends from before rush all felt the same. The new member process gave me a group of friends that I knew I could always count on, have fun with, and excel in school with.”

But that’s not all. It also led to the creation of a new service-based organization pioneered by Adam and some other Delts.

Left to right: John Wegener, Adam Roeckl, and Matthew Jewell (all Miami Delts and members of the executive board for Club Sandwich)

Through Club Sandwich, students fulfill their service hours by preparing and delivering sandwiches to food banks, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters throughout the Southwest Ohio region. The club is partially funded by the school, but also welcomes donations to help purchase ingredients. If you’d like to support the club’s work, contact Adam at roecklac @ miamioh.edu.

“Club Sandwich was founded sitting around a fire while snowed in skiing at Lake Tahoe during winter break,” Adam says. “We had some serious cabin fever by the third day. It was a group of Delts who were on the trip, and we were discussing getting more involved on campus as we move into our final years at Miami. Many of us had finished terms of our chapter’s executive board the prior semester and wanted to keep doing similar work.”

The group quickly decided the most meaningful way to achieve their goal was to start their own organization. Since its inception early this spring semester, the organization has grown to 50+ members, with a very strong presence of Gamma Upsilon brothers.

“It feels wonderful knowing that we had such a strong backing from many of the brothers to help get us started,” Adam says.

Though it’s early on, he has high hopes for the club.

“Without my friends and brothers in Delt, this organization probably never would have come to be, so I can’t be more thankful for that,” he says.“The founding process has been very rewarding, and we still have so much time to keep making a difference! We hope to keep a strong presence in the club from Gamma Upsilon in the future.”

Looking toward his future, Adam plans to pursue a law degree after completing his degree at Miami (Economics with a minor in business legal studies).