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Dave MacKenzie '77, Steve Sullivan '77,
Steve Micheletti '77, and Chris

If there’s one thing Chris “Chrisco” Meyer ’77 gained from being Miami Delt, it is loyalty.

“It is an important value to learn and have,” he says. “I am loyal to my family, friends, community, church, and Brothers to this day. This would be the biggest contribution of the fraternity to my life today.”

And he’s not exaggerating. Even after all these years, he still treasures time with his brothers.

“I have to give a special shout out to Rick Rollins, who has organized our annual retreat back to Oxford for the past several years,” he says. “This year, it will be held on the last weekend in September. The trip is always full of laughs, rounds of golf, cocktails, and fellowship. I never miss it.”

And every once in a while, Chris enjoys taking a trip down memory lane.

“One of my fondest memories from the house was working in the kitchen, first as a waiter and dishwasher, then ultimately steward,” he says. “I had a wonderful relationship with our cook Helen (H.P.) Powell who would often treat me to her home cookin'. Rabbit and collard greens were the most memorable.”

Of course, there were quite a few other hangout locations—and unique meals—Chris indulged in outside of the fraternity house. Just a few of his favorites in the ’70s were Al & Larry's, The Purity, The Boarshead, and Mac & Joe's (where the annual Delt retreat starts off every year).

“The Rusty Nail & King of Clubs were popular places just outside of town,” he recalls, “but The Hitching Post was our go-to place back in the day. They had cheap beer, hard boiled eggs with Red's secret sauce, and a killer bowling machine made the short trip to Dartown worth it.”

Those years were some of the best in Chris’s life and he sure doesn’t miss a chance to relive some of them with the rest of his crew.

Today, Chris is kept busy with his company, Meyer Capital Advisors.

“After spending some 35 years in Chicago, as a broker and pit trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, I recently moved back to Ohio in a ‘downsizing’ move,” he says. “I started my investment advisory business in 2011 and now base that out of Pepper Pike, an eastern suburb of Cleveland.”

He’s never too busy for an old friend though. “I would love to hear from any of my brothers,” he says. “You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”