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Roger Grigg recently shared an anecdote about Wallace Carson (better known by many as Daddy-O or ‘the old man’), who was the cook at the old shelter until it was tore down in 1969.

The number of comments on that article alone is enough to prove how influential this man was in the lives of the Delts who had the pleasure of knowing him. Wallace passed away a few years later, but he lives on in the memory of the many members today.

A few of the memories shared include:

“In the spring, when we all ran out of money he would put out loaves of bread and butter and peanut butter, and we lived on toasted peanut butter sandwiches until the end of the semester. Super guy!”
-Chuck Matthews ’61

“He also had names for a number of his meals. One I recall was for lunch every several weeks he would serve a large Mettwurst sausage. On that day, when you would ask what was for lunch, be would belt out ‘horse cocks.’ Got a laugh every time.”
-Jim Davies ’70

“He was a great guy with street smarts and a personality that allowed him to connect with anyone. He was also a self-taught musician who was occasionally found playing his saxophone when I returned from classes.”
-Andy Rego ’59

“He was the wonderful Wally Carson who was replaced by the lovely Helen when Wally retired. Didn't we have to wear a coat and tie for dinner???? I do recall the monthly Steak Night, and especially the Duck Feet on Johnny Manz’s plate one evening compliments of hunters Terry and Tank.”
-Denny Yohe ’71

Check out the full story and comments here. Be sure to add your own memories in the comments section—and if you have memories of Helen, who replaced Wally, share them as well!