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Dean Firouzian, President

“We've been off to a great start this year. One of my personal goals for the rest of my term is to work on philanthropic and service-oriented efforts in order to increase our national standing as a chapter. We do a lot of great things at our chapter that often go unnoticed, so we want to show the school and our alumni that we have been very impactful within our community. We are looking forward to also planning a new event to raise money for JDRF this year. Finally, I want to improve our relationship with our alumni. We have so many superb and successful alumni who have been shaped by our letters and I want to have the opportunity to reach out to those alumni and let them see that we are doing great things at our chapter here at Miami.”

Everett Meehan, Internal Vice President

“My main goal for this semester is to get more people within the fraternity involved. In my opinion everyone within the fraternity should hold a position, whether it is on the exec team, an administrative position, or on the committee of an administrative position. Having everyone in the chapter involved keeps the fraternity moving forward and also gives members a say in what happens. If we can achieve 100% chapter involvement, I believe that the chapter will advance in all aspects tremendously.”

Anthony Caneris, Treasurer

“My goal for the semester is to achieve 98% collections of accounts receivable for the semester. Additionally, I hope to finalize the semester with a $3,000 surplus. After having prior semesters ending in deficits, I think it is important for the Chapter to have increased economic health and stability.”

John Wegener, Recruitment Chair

“As recruitment chair, I hope to recruit potential new members that embody the values of Delt most on campus. My goals for this semester are to inspire and raise expectations for next year's class and to assemble a committee of brothers that are passionate about the future of our chapter. With their help, we will get off to a quick start in the fall when recruitment starts up again.”

Mikey Solomon, Guide

“For the role of Guide, I am charged with educating and leading various pledge ceremonies, including the Rite of Iris and the initiation ceremony. In addition to this responsibility, it is my duty to teach all of the pledges the Pledge Oath and the Delt Creed. I am excited for my role in demonstrating the positive impact that Delta Tau Delta can have on their lives at Miami University and beyond.”