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Ronald Tammen, a brother of DTD Miami, went missing on April 19, 1953. According to Miami University archives, Tammen was a sophomore student residing as a resident assistant in Fisher Hall (formerly the site of a mental asylum, and now the Marcum Conference Center) when he disappeared from his dorm room, never to be seen again. He left a psychology book open on his desk, but there were no other clues as to where he disappeared to. 

"Theories abound as to why and how Tammen disappeared. According to the Miami archives, Tammen was last seen by his hall manager the same evening as his disappearance, requesting new sheets because someone had placed a fish in his bed. Several analysts believe this is evidence that his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, had come into play.

Others believe Tammen was an accidental witness to a rape or another disturbing event, and was so distressed afterwards that he suffered a severe bout of amnesia."

In the decades after Tammen's disappearance, students at Miami University claimed his ghost haunted Fisher Hall. Fisher Hall was torn down in 1978 and an extensive search was conducted for Tammen's remains, but nothing was ever found. His case remains unsolved. 

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