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New Chapter President Cole Doran believes that you get as much out of your time at DTD as you put into it. That's why he strives to expand the chapter's tradition of excellence, continue their strong momentum, and build a sustainable philanthropy event that will be the benchmark for Gamma Upsilon. Learn more about our new chapter president, a junior finance major, in this Q&A.


Why did you join DTD?
I joined Delt because I wanted to be a part of a brotherhood like I had experienced while playing sports in high school.  I really missed it my freshman year and once I met Delts I knew that being part of a fraternity was what I was looking for.

What has been your best fraternity memory to date?
Greek Week the last 2 years.

Why did you decide to run for president of Gamma Upsilon?
I decided to run for president because I felt as though I had a lot to give back to the fraternity still.  I have had so many great experiences and want to ensure that the tradition of excellence that we have continues.

What are your goals as president in 2015?
My goals are to continue the momentum we have and build a sustainable philanthropy event that we can continue in the years to come.

What challenges do you face, and how do you plan to overcome them?
It will sometimes be difficult to not fall into the problems that fraternities often run into but I think that we have an excellent executive board in place that will ensure we continue to make the right decisions.

What is your advice to incoming pledges and future generations of Delts at Miami?
Don’t be afraid to take a role in the fraternity.  In terms of the experience, the amount you get out of your time as an active member is directly related to how much you put in.

In what ways has alumni participation influenced the active chapter, in your opinion.
It has definitely been helpful to talk to alumni currently working about their jobs, how they got them and what their role is.  Looking for employment and internships can be a confusing process so having brothers to help you through the process is extremely helpful.

Why would you encourage more alumni to become involved with the chapter during your presidency?
Even though alumni are no longer on campus there is still a lot you can get out of remaining involved.  The brotherhood remains even after graduation.

I understand that you are also on the club water polo team at Miami. Tell us more about that.
I started playing water polo in high school and have continued in my time at Miami.  It is a pretty competitive team and it’s a great way to stay in shape in the fall.  There are several other Delts on the team as well, and we all enjoy playing together quite a bit.

What are your plans/goals for after graduation?
My plan is to pursue a job in finance in either Chicago or New York.

Contact Cole at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..