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Jack Orcutt '58 thinks so, which is why this year he led the charge to host a reunion for Gamma Upsilon alumni who graduated in the late '50s and early '60s, an event that's been held every few years over the past decade. In September 2014, 15 brothers and their guests got together on Miami's campus for a weekend of fun and fellowship.

We've maintained nice contact with each other over the years," said Jack. "Not a day goes by that we don't get an email from someone in the group."

The weekend kicked off at Indian Creek Tavern in Reily, which is owned by Jack's niece. This was a new location for the group, but a larger venue than they'd used in the past, allowing them more space to have more fun. The tavern boasts an outdoor amphitheater that draws well-known musicians. In fact, famous country singer Travis Tritt was scheduled to play during the weekend of the reunion, but was asked to reschedule so that the Delts could have their run of the place.

On Saturday, Bob Keller '73, who is the head of Miami's architectural department, took the group on a tour of all the new buildings. Later in the day brothers enjoyed a cocktail party at the Shelter followed by dinner at The Marcum Hotel and Conference Center. After dinner, Brother Stew Williams presented a photo array bringing back great past memories of the attendees' time spent at the fraternity.

The weekend events renewed and strengthened bonds developed at Gamma Upsilon nearly 60 years ago.

"It's like we never left," said Jack. "We've been close since the day we graduated to this point in life. They're true brothers. It's very glorifying to be close to guys you live with for four years."

Chapter President Daniel Considine was invited to join the group for dinner and to share an update on the status of the chapter, as well as to network with this older generation of brothers.

Daniel's impression of the reunion, and the group involved was it was remarkable.

"These Delts gave me and the other undergrads a terrific example of what it means to carry your letters with you, even after graduation," he said. "We learn as pledges that DTD is not used in past tense – Once you are initiated, you are always Delt. I am confident that after graduation, myself and the men I am committed to now will hold a similar continuous relationship of brotherly love."

Plans are already in the work for the next reunion, which will be held in 2016 during the chapter's 100th anniversary. Jack also encourages other classes to hold similar reunions to forever preserve the bonds of brotherhood formed at Gamma Upsilon.

"There's nothing like it, to see your fraternity brothers," said Jack.

Jack offers his help and advice to any brothers interested in planning their own era reunions, and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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