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You may have already suspected this, but a new study suggests that members of college sororities and fraternities are generally more content with their lives than those who do not join a Greek organization.

The study, conducted by the Gallup-Purdue index, surveyed 30,000 university graduates to determine which choices made during college lead to happy lives. The goal of the study is to help incoming students make similar choices and to encourage colleges to offer these opportunities.

The survey results showed—no surprise—that Greeks have a higher career engagement and a better sense of well-being. They also tend to be healthier, have less concerns about money, and have strong social networks. Some of this stems from their college experiences, when they were encouraged through their Greek chapter to take on internships and form close bonds with their instructors.

To learn more about the study, you can watch this YouTube video detailing the findings.

What do you think? Do you think your participation in DTD has helped you find a more satisfying life path than your non-Greek friends? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.