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Laugh So Hard Your Guts Hurt

September 2006

Boring day? These hilarious memories will put a smile on your face and take you back to your days as an undergrad. Relive your wild days and share your memories with us at here.

What is the memory that makes you laugh hardest today?

“Hell week for our pledge class.” - William P. Foote, ’47

“Davis beaning Cortiol in the noggin with a rotten apple in the down hall.” - Michael J. Loisel, ’94

"Memory that makes me laugh the hardest was anytime AJ Sperli cleared out the Tube Room after many a Dominos Pizza." - Chris Meyer, '77

"Dick Holzmuller and I went hunting one Saturday in the fall with our shotguns (yes, they were legal then). A little dog attached himself to us and turned out to be great at flushing rabbits. I think we shot about 14, and the cooks prepared them and fed the whole Delt House for Sunday lunch." - James Davies, ‘42

"There are so many funny ones! 1) Like the time we poled Eth and Sax tried to poo into his hand to throw it on him… as hard as he tried, he couldn’t… turned out his sphincter was smarter than him! We couldn’t, in good conscience, call him a dumb*ss ever again after that. Idiot maybe, but not dumb*ss.

2) The time we organized a military assault on the Snu’s with bottle-rockets in retaliation for egging our house while we were in Cinci. We had Cpl Fagel on the roof as lookout, Col Winstel commanding the pledge infantry, commandos Stos, Tex, Back & Bauer dropping firecrackers inside their house, then Wesson-ing the tile floor so they all wiped out when they chased us, Stos was tossing M-100’s onto their porch. We had Maj Fryburger on communications, Capt Dettlinger doing something else. We ran out of ammo, then raided the kitchen looking for eggs (no eggs there) and ended up throwing potatoes at them. Ruined their party with Pi Phi’s!! We were mad at Pi Phi’s for rejecting our party invite that year. We saw it as killing two birds with one stone, hence the name “Operation Two-Stone”. Except for our having blown all our bottle-rockets in the first wave, it was a victory of shock & awe before shock & awe were even cool." - Mike Minton '86

Describe the best party

“All dances on the LR hardwood floor with lights turned low.” - William P. Foote, ’47

“June Cristy & Pee Wee Hunt. We ended up on social probation.” - James A. Stebick, ’52

“Beach as a pledge.” - Michael J. Loisel, ’94

"The best party was Great Pumpkin 1978. Came back for a visit with some Cleveland buddies. House President asked us to leave by 9:00." - Chris Meyer, '77

"The time we found an old outhouse on the edge of town. The Beta carillon was under construction, and had scaffolding up one level. We muscled the out house up on top of 1st level with a sign, “watch”. My previous message was accidentally sent unfinished. The sign we put on the outhouse was, "Watch the Beta Outhouse grow". The Betas thought it was the Delts who did it, but actually it was a mix of freshmen pledges to several fraternities." - James Davies, ‘42

"The big bash was the Great Pumpkin date party where we went nuts decorating the house inside & out, including a mine shaft out of rr ties in the lower hall, making a forest out of the living rm complete w/ fog machine, and hilarious costumes all around (recall Kropke as a flower & Beth as a bee). Another good one was the first “Reach the Beach” party – sucked to be a pledge that spring, especially with the pool having flooded the dining room on top of the 14 tons of sand. Fry driving the “50-keg-mobile” advertising our (maybe 8 kegs) party in the fall of ’84. Chip did great in capturing all that silliness on his “From Here to Fraternity” 13-video set." - Mike Minton '86

Describe your favorite/best road trip

“Saturday afternoon to the liquor store over in College Corner, IN then down to the Talawanda River for the picnic.” - William P. Foote, ’47

“Hitchhiked to Ohio U. for a football game.” - James A. Stebick, ’52

“Walkout to O.U.” - Michael J. Loisel, ’94

"Best Road trip was anytime for the Hitching Post in Dartown to visit "Red", bowl a few games, and knock down a few cold ones. Can't forget the hard-boiled aggs with the "special sauce" too." - Chris Meyer, '77

"Most memorable trip was in a model T Ford which we had stashed in a barn outside of town. We went to Illinois to see the Miami vs. Illinois football game. We had 3 flat tires en route, but made it to the game in the first quarter, and made it home in time for Monday classes." - James Davies, ‘42

"Had to be our walkout to KY in ’83. crashed the UK Delts date party. Me & Leeson followed the photographer and were in the background of over 80% of the pictures that guy took (he was getting p*ssed and we were getting better at leaping in at last second). Somehow we ended up at a party in an apartment somewhere playing strip poker w/ some lusty coeds, had no idea how to get back to the house and ended up getting a ride there w/ campus cops (no cuffs)." -Mike Minton '86

What is the one memory you have shared or will share with your children or grandchildren?

“Hearing about Pearl Harbor while tossing the football outside Fisher Hall dormitory after Sunday lunch. Then, what's Pearl Harbor? We learned about Pearl Harbor about 45 min. later. I met a Tri Delt in 1947, and we became a Miami Merger.” - William P. Foote, ’47

“Our beautiful campus.” - James A. Stebick, ’52

“Mindy stirring the juice.” - Michael J. Loisel, ’94

"The memory shared with kids...meeting my wife Louise for the first time." - Chris Meyer, '77

"Greatest moment was when the Delts won the Interfraternity sing on the Library steps with all of our Mothers watching! ' - James Davies, ‘42

"I tell my kids about the Miami Mysteries, including Delt Ron Tammen, and the headless motorcycle guy. I tell them about our trips out to Pliney Barnum (the old church we named after the oldest tombstone in Oxford). I tell them about how Chuck used to yell, “MIIIIILK!!!” when the pitcher on his table was empty." -Mike Minton '86